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Name: Audra
Age: 13
Location: um...Don't look behind you..

Favorite bands (no more than ten please):
1:My Chemical Romance
2: The Used
3: Bleed the Dream
4: Pennywise
5: Poison The Well
6: HIM
7: Slipknot
8: Fallout Boy
9: ZAO
10: Metallica

...thats only a few...

Food: Broccoli
Book: America
TV show: Invader Zim
Movies (at least three):
1. Saw
2. Butterfly Effect
3. Interview with the Vampire

Looks. You could just post a pic if you have one.
Hair: Getting closer to shoulder length
Hair Color: umm...Its mixed with browns, reds, blondes, and black..but I'm dying black here in a day or two.
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5'3''
Skin Color: I'm caucasion(sp?) my skin tone is very pale...

1: Very preppy people
2: Most country Music
3: Most Rap and R&B
4: 'Players'
5: Very Judgemental people
6: People in general
7: Broken Headphones
8: Asian people that wont give up on trying to bribe you into buying things you don't want
9: MTV
10: School
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