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Well, hot damn. I've finally appeared again. Now that I'm here, I've got a little question just to satisfy my own curiousity. What are you guys thinking about the new Depp-infused Willy Wonka? Gonna go see it or no? And what about the old one with Gene Wilder?
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Icon And Other Pretty Pictures

I finally got an icon under control! Yay! I really shouldn't be thinking it's such a huge deal, but when you're me, you take your victories where you can... Tee hee! Hm, I guess I'll put my Photo Bucket link here just so I (and anyone else who wants to) can remember it and go look at it. Yep, so I'll just write that down here...

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(no subject)

Name: Audra
Age: 13
Location: um...Don't look behind you..

Favorite bands (no more than ten please):
1:My Chemical Romance
2: The Used
3: Bleed the Dream
4: Pennywise
5: Poison The Well
6: HIM
7: Slipknot
8: Fallout Boy
9: ZAO
10: Metallica

...thats only a few...

Food: Broccoli
Book: America
TV show: Invader Zim
Movies (at least three):
1. Saw
2. Butterfly Effect
3. Interview with the Vampire

Looks. You could just post a pic if you have one.
Hair: Getting closer to shoulder length
Hair Color: umm...Its mixed with browns, reds, blondes, and black..but I'm dying black here in a day or two.
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5'3''
Skin Color: I'm caucasion(sp?) my skin tone is very pale...

1: Very preppy people
2: Most country Music
3: Most Rap and R&B
4: 'Players'
5: Very Judgemental people
6: People in general
7: Broken Headphones
8: Asian people that wont give up on trying to bribe you into buying things you don't want
9: MTV
10: School
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Bloc Party♥

This is a great band. Their lyrics should be posted here. This is my favorite song by them. ^^

To be lost in the forest
To be cut adrift
You've been trying to reach me
You bought me a book
To be lost in the forest
To be cut adrift
I've been paid
I've been paid

Don't get offended
If I seem absent minded
Just keep telling me facts
And keep making me smile
Don't get offended
If I seem absent minded
I get tongue-tied
Baby, you've got to be more discerning
I've never known what's good for me
Baby, you've got to be more demanding
I will be yours

I'll pay for you anytime

You told me you wanted to eat up my sadness
Well jump on, enjoy, you can gorge away
You told me you wanted to eat up my sadness
Jump right on
Baby, you've got to be more discerning
I've known never known what's good for me
Baby, you've got to be more demanding
I will be yours

What are you holding out for?
What's always in the way?
Why so damn absent-minded?
Why so scared of romance?

This modern love breaks me
This modern love wastes me

Do you wanna come over and kill some time?
Do you wanna come over and kill some time?
Do you wanna come over and kill some time?
Throw your arms around me.
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(no subject)

Hey Everyone Im here! Thanks to steph she helped me out a whole bunch! Well here is this!

Favorite bands (no more than ten please):
1:My Chemical romance
2:Hawthorne Heights
3:taking back sunday
4:franz ferdinand
6:Dashboard Confessional
8:the Killers
9:Bloc party
10:System of a down

Food: Any pasta!
Book:A child called it
TV show:Summerland(I know I know)
Movies (at least three):
1.harry potter 3
2.harry potter2/b>
3.harry potter4
4. Lord of the rings series
5. Sin city

Looks. You could just post a pic if you have one.
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Blue
Height: uhh around 5'8 or shorter
Skin Color:Super pale I could literally be a vampire

1:Anti-gay people I mean c'mon People they are People! so what if they have different ways of living we've gotten used to different skin color, Religion, I mean this is that bad they are some of the nicest people you will ever know in your life and your trying to push them away...**I am not gay but I have nothing against it its your choice and your life we shouldnt have to tell you how to live it**
3:Shawnda Klein
6:male teachers *shivers* Except for mr. baumann and henrie of course....
7:Mr. Reeves
8:Mr. Reece
10:Copier's get your own life people
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I don't think very many people plan on joining this community. And it probably isn't going to be very active. So I might end up deleting it. But I will keep it up for now. =) Just because I will probably update it a lot and stuff....just thought you guys should know that...
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Hello, all. I was told to go here, so I went. I'm a good bitch, no doubt about that... So what's everyone else up to on this fine day? ("Everyone else" referring to the two, three, maybe four other people who are on this community, of course.) I'm finally back to my own house after nearly two weeks of living with grandparents and trying to babysit to get money that I will use for CD's and other things (maybe a payment on my car, but hell, I don't care if they take it away; as long as I can get the bumloads of stuff I have in it out).
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(no subject)

Location:Tennessee (aka Hell)

Favorite bands (no more than ten please):
1:She Wants Revenge
3:Bloc Party
4:Tegan and Sara
7:Le Tigre
8:Senses Fail
9:Taking Back Sunday
10:Hawthorne Heights

Book:The Bell Jar
TV show:Degrassi
Movies (at least three):
1.Man on Fire
2.Finding Neverland
4.Spirited Away
5.The Butterfly Effect

Looks. Have no pic yet...
Hair:ABout two inches above my shoulder. Layered.
Hair Color:Dark brown with some rusty red.
Eye Color:Changes from blue, gray, and green.
Height:About 4'9"
Skin Color:Tannish

2:My School
3:Close minded people
4:Annoying people
5:People that never shut up.
7:Red Meat
9:Mean people
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Opening Info

Name: Jenna Charr
Age: 17
Location: Tennessee

Favorite bands in no particular order:
1: The Killers
2: My Chemical Romance
3: Pink Floyd
4: Barenaked Ladies
5: Weezer
6: Modest Mouse
7: The Clash
8: Coheed and Cambria
9: Brand New
10: Dave Matthews Band (or just him)

Food: Fettucine Alfredo
Book: Blood and Chocolate, by Annette Curtis Klause (I think that's her name, anyway)
TV show: "Family Guy"
Movies, also in no particular order:
1. "Rocky Horror Picture Show"
2. "Monty Python's Life of Brian"
3. "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life"
4. "An American Werewolf in London"
5. All the ones I've made with my friends, boyfriend, and brothers

Looks. I'm too lazy for the picture thing.
Hair: It's probably four inches below my shoulders; pretty standard hair, really. It's quite thick and frizzy.
Hair Color: Brown-blonde, though someone told me once it looked grey.
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'6" or maybe 5'7"
Skin Color: I'm very pale and pathetic, but I'm working on tanning.

1: Being told what to do
2: People who lie convincingly
3: People who can't handle jokes
4: Not being allowed to talk
5: My eleventh grade English teacher
6: Having to try at things
7: My emotional confusion
8: Being told "no"
9: Dress code violations for skirts that were not too short
10: Thinking about my future
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